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About Newgrange Design

When Newgrange Design opened its doors in 1996, we sought to bring the highest levels of customer service to the industry. We have found that by making customer satisfaction and superior design work a priority, we have created longstanding relationships that have endured, in several instances, for well over a decade. Though we’ve grown quite a bit since then, this goal remains the same.

At Newgrange Design, we want to become a trusted part of your team, your “go-to” source. We earn that by consistently delivering on design and schedule while maintaining clear lines of communication, so you can feel like we’re just down the hall at all times.


Here is what some of our current customers have to say about us...

We made our first images this week, and they are “knock your socks off phenomenal.” Even I am impressed. I think that the board layout, especially on the Ref Reg board, was a big part of this success. Thank you, you did an outstanding job… I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have found you for this work. I don’t think we would have had the same outcome without your contribution.

Andy G. Electrical Engineer, Evendale, OH

The boards came in on Friday. One piece was assembled and available for test on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday evening the whole thing was tested!!! That included integration with the other PCB’s in the system (like the 5067 you guys did). Unless the product requirements change I should be able to use this PCB for production without a respin. I can’t thank you guys enough for the great work on the 5020 PCB. You really made me look good.

Eric P. Electrical Engineer, Westborough, MA

Newgrange Design has handled nearly all of the PC Board layout projects for our electronic products since 1997. These projects included dozens of analog, digital and high frequency circuits using both through-hole and surface-mount technologies. Newgrange has from day one given my company top quality, professional service. All of our projects have been completed successfully both on time and on budget. We have remained a loyal customer because Newgrange Design continues to provide top shelf service for a fraction of the cost of adding a similar in-house capability.

Joel K. Electrical Engineer, Billerica, MA

They have the highest moral and ethical standards of any people I have ever dealt with. And I can work directly with the designer with no middleman bureaucracy.

Roger W. Electrical Engineer, Braintree, MA

I finished populating the board over the weekend, and I’ve tested most of its functionality. I’m happy to report that there appear to be absolutely no problems at all with the board. Functionally, the board appears perfect.

Jim V. Principal Scientist, Boston, MA

I am looking at a board you designed for us… the Atlas Chip Tester. It is beautiful. I like the layout – very organized. Clearly a lot of thought went into it.

Sarah H. PCB Designer, Cambridge,MA

I really appreciate the level of professionalism that you put into it… You guys are keeping me organized.

Jim W. Engineer, Wakefield, MA

I appreciate your concern over pricing and quotes and honesty in doing business with us. We are happy with your work but your personalized service is what sets you apart from others. I will continue to look to you first for any future design considerations.

Pat W. Electrical Engineer, Billerica, MA